How to Prepare for a Day Trip to Tayrona Park in Colombia 


Visiting Tayrona Park is one of the most memorable things you can do in Colombia. The national natural park sits along the Caribbean Sea, giving visitors a chance to revel in the combination of tropical beach and exotic jungle. The park is one of Colombia’s main tourist attractions, but many travelers find it difficult to prepare for a day trip to Tayrona Park in Colombia. Read the following tips before trekking into the jungle and diving into the picturesque blue waters. 

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4 Things to Know Before Visiting Palomino

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This guest post is written by Anneliese Delgado, who moved to Colombia in 2016 from the United States. To read more content from Anneliese, you may visit her blog "Abroad in Colombia!"

Palomino, Colombia is truly a unique destination along the breathtaking Caribbean coast. While many beach vacation spots throughout the world are riddled with soaring condos and 5-star hotels, Palomino projects a humble, backpacker vibe. 

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