Five Incredible spots on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia

five incredible spots on the caribbean coast of colombiaThis part of the trip is something that I had been anticipating for the past two months. I absolutely love Colombia and the coast, so put those two together and BOOM – three weeks of bliss baby!

John and I ended up sharing a cab to the airport from Medellin with an English girl named Amelia, aka my Travel BFF.

We didn’t speak much the entire ten days in Medellin, but little did I know that the three of us would become inseparable once we met up again at the hostel in Cartagena, and she’d soon become my travel BFF. We had the same plan to be on the coast for three-ish weeks then head to Bogotá, so we ended up exploring the coast together the entire time. Here are some of the spots we hit along with a few memories we made along the way!