The Bolivarian Games


November 2017 marks the beginning of the Bolivarian Games in our beautiful city of Santa, Marta, Colombia. This event is the Latin American Olympics and was founded in 1938 by Alberto Nariño Cheyne.

Since the inception, the games were designed foster unity among Bolivarian countries through the means of sport, and honor Simon Bolivar through the camraderie.

All the participating countries share a similar history of being liberated under the command of Simon Bolivar, the founder of Colombia. Eleven countries will be competing this year, and they include Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Amongst 34 categories of sports, attendees are able to attend and enjoy all the activities at no charge!

We’ve been particularly excited for Santa Marta to host the Bolivarian Games, as it has developed several new athletic and cultural infrastructure. Alongside upgraded tennis, swimming, football, and additional stadiums, the city has welcomed new water and recreational parks, fresh roads and other civic installations. As you browse material from the games, pay special attention to the mascot, an Ajaytuké, or sea urchin. The Ajaytuké was chosen to convey a message of environmentalism, and bring awareness to efforts that protect animal sea-life and coral reefs.




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