Dreamer Live Music: The Tumbacuatro

Tumba Cuatro Santa Marta Band

Each weekend "The Dreamer" puts rhythm and flavor into our programming with the musical presentation of La Tumbacuatro, a group that fuses organic music, tropical rhythms and jazz influences into a unique style.

This band is made up of four young people from different cities of Colombia such as: Edgard Cardona in the main voice and interpretation of the clarinet, bell and bongo born in Bogotá, the Colombian-Mexican Andrés Fuminayo in the bass and choruses, Mario Martínez de Villavicencio who plays the guitar, and Santa Marta born, Henry de la Hoz on percussion. We sat down with the band to learn more about their extraordinary style. Let’s go!

Daniela: Why did you choose La Tumbacuatro as the name of the group, is there any relationship between it and the famous Santa Marta street?

The Tumbacuatro, (Mario): Of course, (laughs) In that place everything was born, besides I work there. We take the concept of this street where many people arrive, there is a lot of energy and the tourist atmosphere is breathing throughout. In fact, Andrés calls it "the Times Square" of Santa Marta where all the cultures mix. All people are on Calle 19 or La Tumbacuatro to have a good time. For us it is the heart of Santa Marta.

D: How did each one of you meet?

L.T. (Mario): We met at La Tumbacuatro street, where I met Andrés, we thought about forming a group and we composed two songs, however, he already talked with Edgard, who wanted to bring the Caribbean rhythm to the center of the country ; He appeared in universities having great acceptance, but still lacked many tools. We had two songs and Edgard several letters and a lot of passion, we noticed that from the beginning there was affinity. In the end, Henry arrived who is from the coast, with all his experience in the Caribbean and folkloric sound, you notice its flavor in our songs.


D: How long have they been together since forming the band?

L.T. (Andrés): Officially we started the group four months ago, since then we have been presenting ourselves in hostels and restaurants in the city.

D: How do you define La Tumbacuatro?

L.T. (Andrés): We are and we do "Chamboneo", we break with what is already established, for example, if people like the "dembow" we give them "chambow" it is that new, own, daring sound that mixes the Caribbean roots with the Antilleans. We are a cultural mix, because each one of us comes from different places in Colombia and we put that in our music.

D: You have very special lyrics that highlight the culture of this city. What inspires you to write all that poetry and take it to the musical plane?

L.T. The same city! live in Santa Marta, each of his paintings are inspiring; we see beautiful smiles and beautiful women. It is the fact of having a good time in the Historical Center, a sunset in Taganga, relaxing in a hammock from Minca and looking at the view of the city. That's why we have a very special song called La Tumbacuatro and it says:

"Here everyone is from the world, we are all the same,
you breathe the Caribbean, flavor of many cities
and Colombia breathes in its morning landscapes
from the Sierra I go pal world
I do not forget my friends.
I do not forget that beauty, mermaid of old seas "

D: Where have you presented in the past and where are your next presentations?

L.T. (Andrés): For the past three months, we have been presenting weekends at The Dreamers, Santa Marta and Palomino; also in a restaurant in the Historical Center every 15 days. We have a great presentation as the official launch of La Tumbacuatro in the Parque de los Novios, on July 21 from 8:00 p.m.

D: What are your plans for the future and what are your expectations?

L.T. (Andrés): We're going to record the official song called La Tumbacuatro and start shooting the new music video next week. We aspire to perform at important festivals such as Fiestas del Mar, and others of great recognition before the end of the year.

D: What are your social networks or where can we listen to your music?

L.T. (Andrés): For now we only have Facebook, they can search us like La Tumbacuatro and we answer all the messages. With the new video we want to open the channel on YouTube in an official way to present the world with something of quality about us.

These four talented young people form La Tumbacuatro, which grows at a steady pace, showing their musical stamp that characterizes them. They are a unique style, fresh, with a Caribbean flavor which moves the fibers of your being and encourages you to dance. Come and enjoy them at The Dreamer Palomino each Friday night and Santa Marta each Saturday!

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