The Magic of Minca: 6 Reasons to Visit

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In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, hides Minca. It's a village that keeps the history of the ancient Tayrona settlements alive and connects the jungle with relaxation rituals. 

Together with the richness of its biodiversity, the area is characterized by organic coffee, extensive vegetation and fresh, crystalline waters. The place gives you a peaceful atmosphere, i.The Dreamer shares six reasons why you should not miss this charming place!

Its approximate location to the highest tropical mountain in the world

Its prodigious position at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, whose peaks reach heights of 5,775 meters, makes it a privileged site possessor of a tropical humid forest with temperatures ranging between 17 and 24 degrees centigrade; in which trees rise up to 40 meters and is home to 19 species of endemic birds. This characteristic provides a fresh environment with respect to the exhausting heat of the city.

Sacred territory of indigenous settlements

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This place keeps the mysticism of what was the scenario inhabited in the past by the ancient Tayronas and now by the indigenous people who belong to the Kágabba (Kogui), Ika (Arhuaco), Wiwa (Arzarios) and Kankuamo peoples in the Sierra Nevada, who offer payments to mother nature to maintain harmony on Earth. This is undoubtedly a spiritual element that encourages us to know this site more and more.

It was declared a World Heritage Site

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In the year 1980, Unesco declared Minca as World Heritage, Biosphere Reserve. 

Production of high quality coffee

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As a blessed land, Minca, due to the richness of its soils, its climate, temperature, humidity and forests, provides a soft coffee with a distinctive factor to the rest of what is produced in the country. It has been shown in research by Cenicafé, which has a great aroma, medium acidity to low and notes of walnut and chocolate. Also certified as organic, thousands of hectares in the area and several European companies that evaluate the production conditions, qualify as free of pesticides and fungicides in the grains.

Rivers and streams from the Sierra

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From the Sierra Nevada the crystalline and cold aquifer sources that descend to Minca come off. While you are climbing the mountain you can reach the rivers and streams that are here, such as Pozo Azul, Marinka waterfalls and the arms of the river in the middle of the road. Get ready! For low temperatures will free your body of any tension.

Sunset with a view of Santa Marta:

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Minca offers you a different sunset every day, because of its location and height it is possible to see the sea and the city of Santa Marta, while a cold breeze blows that will make you feel that you are at the top of the Sierra.

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