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Se devolverá el 75% del deposito con 15 días de anticipación, con 7 días de antelación se devolverá el 50%. Dentro de los últimos días anteriores a la fecha de llegada no se hará devolución del deposito.

The best dreams happen when you´re awake

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About Us The Dreamer Hostel

The best dreams happen when you're awake

We, Fulvio and Michele, both travelers, but especially friends from the age of 18 years were been dreaming of leaving our country and seeing the world.
Our goal, after 6 years of living in different countries and staying in hostels around the world, was to find an ideal place to create a haven for travelers looking for something more.

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Our 16-month trip around the world in 2006/07 was essential in comparing countries and cities, meeting people, getting used to certain habits and ensuring we knew what we were doing. When we visited Santa Marta for the first time, and then Palomino, we knew we had arrived at the place of our dreams, a place to stay in touch with nature and escape the stress of the modern world.